Covid-19 Disclosure & Guidelines

Spencer’s Route 46

As set by Executive Order 2020-91 and by recommendations from OSHA and the CDC, we will be adhering to the following guidelines and procedures:

  • Guests are strongly encouraged to book a reservation prior to arriving 
  • Guests are asked to wear a mask until they are sat at their designated table
  • If possible, please wait in your vehicle and call the restaurant upon your arrival to ensure your table is ready 
  • Please adhere to signage and respect the safety of other guests by remaining at your table once sat
  • Please avoid moving tables and chairs whenever possible
  • Please understand waiting times for tables may be extended due to limited capacity requirements
  • Please understand that some menu items may be limited due to inventory restrictions
  • Please understand that some costs may be inflated due to higher food and operational costs
  • If you show signs of sickness, please be courteous and remain at home. If we have reasonable suspicion, please be aware you may be asked to move or leave the restaurant in order to maintain the safety of our other guests and employees
  • Group parties are limited to 10 people and must still adhere to social distancing guidelines 
  • There are designated carry out and curbside pick-up areas
  • Employees have gone through Covid safety courses. Please respect and pay attention to directives given 

After 29 years of serving our community, we are dedicated to the safety of all of our guests and employees. These policies and procedures were put in place to ensure that we can open and continue operations in the safest manner possible. Please respect the safety of all of our guests and employees so that we can continue operations. Also understand that you are entering these premises at your own risk and Spencer’s does not assume responsibility if you should contract Covid symptoms. As always, thank you for your patronship and we are excited to be back!